Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

SafetySAM Engineering is a Construction and Infrastructure Contracting Company. It was established in 1984 and ever since successfully accomplished several projects throughout the Sultanate of Oman.
SAM Engineering is ISO9001 certified for Quality Management System. SE is dedicated to continuous improvement in HSE Risk Management of its’ employees as well as other entities involved in  its activities by continuously reducing the impact of its’ operations on the environment by means of implementing a general Health, Safety & Environment protection Management System (hereafter referred to as HSE-MS). 

SAM Engineering HSE-MS:

  • Achieves SAM Engineering Business Objective to “Demonstrate sound HSE and integrity management”
  • Meets stakeholder aspirations in that it delivers compliance with the following:
  • Oman Legislations: The Occupational Safety and Health Regulation subject to the Labor Law (Ministerial Decree Nº: 286/2008), from Omani Labor Law (Royal Decree Nº: 35/2003)
  • SAM Engineering Business Policies: SAM Engineering Business Policies communicate our intentions and expectations for achieving stated Business Objectives. SAM Engineering HSE Policy requires that a systematic approach to HSE management shall be applied.
  • The objectives of SAM Engineering HSE -MS: To manage hazards and effects to health, safety and the environment in a structured way. The management of hazards involves a systematic process of risk identification, assessment, control and recovery.

The HSE-MS also sets performance standards for managing health, safety and environment, which will be assessed and continually improved by a program of performance monitoring, audit and review.

The objective of this HSE-MS Manual is to provide all staff with a concise, comprehensive and structured description of all aspects of SAM Engineering HSE-MS. As such, the Manual describes the ‘processes for managing HSE at the corporate level, and within any Project Team. It also acts as the reference framework for the various documents that make up the HSE-MS.

HSE document
HSE document

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